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Can you make free 01 calls on your work mobile??
Do you get free 01 calls as part of your bundle??

If so, then Century Mobile will save you €€€’s on your international Call!

How does it work??

  1. To register your number for free with Century Mobile service dial 01 248 2030.
  2. Once registered we give you your first €1 call Free.
  3. Purchase a Century Mobile topup card from our usual outlets. Alternatively topup your account with credit card line 01 248 0150 or on centurymobile.ie via paypal
  4. Dial 01 248 2040 to topup.

If you have free 01 calls on your bundle you will not be charged for your international call- you will only pay for Century Mobile topup card.

Call now for more information: 01 248 0150

Select the destination you want to call from drop down menu below:
I would like to call

from my mobile phone.

Access Number: Rate/ cpm
01 248 2030 1.75 cent per min

Purchase Century Mobile Top up

Terms and Conditions:
Rates are in cent per minute and apply 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
They are inclusive of VAT and rounded to the nearest cent. They may change without prior notice.

01 (local access): You can benefit from your provider special offers. You get maximum minutes but you pay for local call charged at a standard rate by your call service provider if not part of your free calls bundle.

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